Market Landscape Explorer Solution

If your organization has one or more unanswered questions about consumer groups within your markets or possible future markets, conducting research to explore those marketplaces is likely an ideal starting point.

A People Principles Market Landscape Explorer Solution can prove extremely useful in identifying and exploring the behavior, usage, attitudes, and lifestyles of a given audience. The responses to these key questions will assist in uncovering, comparing, and sizing the various segments within your marketplace. In turn, this information can prove invaluable in identifying possible marketing opportunities and subsequently in designing marketing mixes.

Market Landscape Explorer Solutions

  • Usage & Attitude (U&A) Studies

    Quantitative study used to measure awareness, use, popularity, and attitudes/perceptions. Topics include campaigns, communications, and overall brand value. These studies an also show market sizing and can be used to examine growth potential of specific segments.

  • Segmentation Studies

    This study focuses on game attributes and purchase decision factors as the basis of segmentation. This is a shift from the attitudinal factors used in other segmentation solutions – instead, focusing on product needs and expectations that can be controlled through product design and management. Segmentation provides insight into preferences to allow for more strategic planning. Campaigns and products can be designed to fit specific segments within the marketplace. In addition, a key output from this research is the segment classification tool which can be used on future studies to allow for specific recruitment by segment(s) of interest, and to allow for results comparisons among the different segments.

  • Tracking Studies

    This longitudinal study addresses items such as purchasing habits, promotion impact, new product impact, media habits, and the broader economic climate. These studies allow you to pinpoint and react to changes in your marketplace.

  Marketing Mix Solution

While your organization may feel confident about your existing market knowledge, you may have a desire to investigate the potential of specific marketing mixes and assist in identifying whether a specific mix will achieve identified goals. How can this be achieved? A People Principles Marketing Mix Solution can help.

By showing elements – be it product concepts, pricing adjustments, retailing considerations, or one or more promotional mixes - of a specific marketing mix to a specific audience, you will collect valuable insight and feedback about that hypothetical marketing mix, which in turn will assist in building your intelligence regarding whether your pre-determined goals will be met.

Research studies of this nature are completely custom and are therefore developed after gaining a solid understanding of your organization's market(s), products, and marketing objectives.

Marketing Mix Solutions

  • Concept Testing

    Quantitative study of concepts to gauge initial appeal to segments of interest. Comparisons can be made among different key analysis groups as well, depending on intended application of the test results. In addition to measuring initial appeal, this survey also focuses on actual purchase intent.

  • Prizing Research

    This study is used to develop a deeper understanding of play experience needs and expectations by focusing on satisfaction thresholds, key chatter range, and prizes that will spur churn. Comparisons can be made between segments and key analysis groups that can be used to inform prize structure design strategies and focus products on groups of interest.

  • Ticket Attributes Research

    This study identifies the relative importance that various groups of players place on the range of ticket attributes such as top prize, theme, play style, etc. Results are used to learn which combinations of ticket attributes result in more appealing products and allows for comparison among the different segments and key analysis groups. The study employs a unique visual design to make it easier for respondents to complete the survey while still removing fully designed concepts as stimuli.

  • Focus Groups

    Qualitative study involving asking participants about their attitudes and perceptions towards products, services, concepts, advertisements, promotions, and ideas in an interactive group setting. Focus groups are an effective tool for gaining feedback and insights in order to make continuous improvements and to gauge acceptance of new offerings in the marketplace.