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  Market Landscape Explorer Solution

If your organization has one or more unanswered questions about consumer groups within your markets or possible future markets, conducting research to explore those marketplaces is likely an ideal starting point.

A People Principles Market Landscape Explorer Solution can prove extremely useful in identifying and exploring the behavior, usage, attitudes, and lifestyles of a given audience. The responses to these key questions will assist in uncovering, comparing, and sizing the various segments within your marketplace. In turn, this information can prove invaluable in identifying possible marketing opportunities and subsequently in designing marketing mixes.

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  Marketing Mix Solution

While your organization may feel confident about your existing market knowledge, you may have a desire to investigate the potential of specific marketing mixes and assist in identifying whether a specific mix will achieve identified goals. How can this be achieved? A People Principles Marketing Mix Solution can help.

By showing elements – be it product concepts, pricing adjustments, retailing considerations, or one or more promotional mixes - of a specific marketing mix to a specific audience, you will collect valuable insight and feedback about that hypothetical marketing mix, which in turn will assist in building your intelligence regarding whether your pre-determined goals will be met.

Research studies of this nature are completely custom and are therefore developed after gaining a solid understanding of your organization's market(s), products, and marketing objectives.

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As data collection becomes more of a commodity, the value of market research lies in the brains behind the design of the study, the analysis of the data and the interpretation of the results.

People Principles will provide you with intelligent design, analysis and actionable reporting of market research findings so that you can effectively and efficiently identify and address your business issues.

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Over the past decade, team members at People Principles have amassed experience conducting research in a number of areas (listed below). You are still in great hands if your industry is not listed! First and foremost, our team members are excellent market researchers and will therefore spend the required time getting to know your business, your products, and your competitors before working through your research needs.

  •   Advertising
  •   Agrifood
  •   Energy
  •   Financial Services & Insurance
  •   Healthcare
  •   Lotteries & Gaming
  •   Public Affairs
  •   Retail Sporting Goods
  •   Sport & Recreation
  •   Telecommunications
  •   Tourism
  •   Travel